DIY Friday: Christmas Advent Calendar

DIY Friday: Christmas Advent Calendar

I love counting down the days to Christmas. My boyfriend’s mum made him and his sister an advent calendar each when they were little, which she still fills each year with small trinkets-chocolates, Christmas decorations, cheeky mini alcohol bottles.

If you fancy making your own advent calendar, there are some great ideas on Pinterest, ranging from colourful bag papers to full blown hand sewn creations, depending on how ambitious you’re feeling.


This is a really simple, but effective design. I love the addition of the lights. Go for a colour coded theme or pick a range of colourful and festive bags.

DIY Advent Calendar

A little more advanced than the first, as this design also involves making the Christmas tree.

advent calendar with wrapping paper and tins {Ghirlanda di Popcorn}

This design uses magnetic tins, decorated with paper. This would be a good choice if you already have a magnetic board or wall.


Teeny paper houses, filled with a hidden treat! I’ve also seen this done with Christmas trees.


Lastly, one for the ambitious! This calendar is a pattern from Etsy, but the seller, Sesame Seed Designs, does also sell them ready made if you feel this is a bit beyond your sewing skills!

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