Kawaii Calculator Kitty

Kawaii Calculator Kitty

If the calculator on your phone just isn’t cute enough for you, why not check out the Calculator Kitty app from Bug Byte?

Calculator Kitty App 1

With a choice of backgrounds (all a variety of pink apart from a shockingly bright neon green) and selection of cute kitties peeking over the top.

Its easy to change the cat by tapping on it and the background is switched by clicking the ‘Menu’ button. There is a choice of 5 super cute kitties, which change expressions when you press one of the buttons.

Sleepy Kitty

‘Calculator Kitty is designed for cat-lovers, kawaii fans, and girls of all ages. Don’t suffer a day longer with that cold default calculator. Calculate in style with Calculator Kitty >^.^< ‘

Cat Calculator Happy

Design wise it would be nice to have a different colour choice for the backgrounds, but the cats are very sweet. From a calculator point of view…it does what you would expect from a calculator.

The ad supported version is free for Android and available from the Play Store.

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