Kawaii Plushies!

Kawaii Plushies!

There’s some super cute, kawaii plushies around at the moment. Here is a round up of some of the ones that have caught my eye

15f53b937594add378d5823b2a866cf3Pusheen Donut Plush

il_570xN.649628389_r7c5Giant Melty Octopus Cone Plush

il_570xN.746132623_rsmaBasil Raccoon Plush Pattern

chickpea01Chickpea Plush

onigiri plush2Winking Onigiri Plush

il_570xN.677252943_omkjFluffy Chinchilla Plush

e712c20b73440b5bc3ddcd7955f0a70cOwl Plush

il_570xN.401146015_mgrlPug Loaf Plush

plush2_1024x1024Puddle Bunny Plush

il_570xN.322695713Carrots of the Carribean Plush

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