Watch the birdie!

Watch the birdie!

I love watching the birds in my garden. We’ve tried to make it as wildlife friendly as we can, putting in a pond, leaving a ‘no-mow’ area and providing lots of places for bird, animals and insects to feed, hide and nest.

If you’re looking to encourage wildlife into your garden, here are some of the more colourful and quirky items on the market.

Burger Bar bird house. A kitsch way to encourage birds to create their nest in your garden.


I’ve been lusting after a Flock Follie for a while now. We have a squirrel and a lot of larger birds who eat through the food before the littler ones get it to, so this would be great.

This wooden handmade trailer bird house is so sweet and perfect for smaller birds.



Lastly, some inspiration for bird feeders you could make yourself…

teacupbirdfeederTeacup bird feeder


Lego house bird feeder

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